Fiery Afro-Cuban Music on Cape Cod





Bongogenesis - The only Afro-Cuban band on Cape Cod!

The origin of our sound is Traditional Cuban Music, and several styles that evolved from those fertile roots. We also perform music from other Caribbean countries, and some songs that are just fun to play and great for dancing.

Our repertoire includes Son Montuno, Guajira, Mambo, Son-Pregón, Bolero, Cha Cha Chá, Changüí, Afro-Cuban Jazz, Salsa, Calypso, Cape Verde, Reggae and Afro-Cuban Rock.

Band Members
Olivia Yingling - Vocals, Misc. Percussion
Sam Holmstock - Percussion
Greg 'Mr B' Polanik - Guitar, Tres Cubano
Glenway Fripp - Bass


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Greg 'Mr B' Polanik | 508.833.6540 |

Band Bios


<Olivia is still working on her life story>


With over 50 years of experience, Greg has performed Mainstream Jazz, Afro-Cuban Jazz, Cuban Music, Rock, Country, Blues, Classical and even Old-Time Appalachian Music. He honed his guitar playing skills in the Jazz clubs of St. Louis.
Greg's formal musical studies have included Music Theory, Jazz History, Jazz Improvisation, Composition and Musical Acoustics. In recent years he traveled to Havana to study authentic Cuban Music, and he teaches courses on Jazz History and Cuban Music in the ALL Program at Cape Cod Community College.



Sam Holmstock is one of the co-founders of the world fusion ensemble, ENTRAIN, and performed with this incredible group of talented musicians for 20 years. In addition to his work with ENTRAIN, Sam has had the honor of playing music with artists such as Babatunde Olatunji, Bo Diddley, Gil Scott-Heron, Kate and James Taylor, Bob Weir, and even Bill Clinton.

A Berklee grad, Sam is currently on the faculty of Cotuit Center for the Arts and brings therapeutic drumming to many special needs communities via his organization Drum Strategies For Healing. Drum Strategies For Healing serves Autistic Adults, Memory Care patients, Teens at risk and involved in the Juvenile Justice System, PTSD Vets and the brain injured.




A professional pianist, bass player, composer and piano tuner, Glenway has been playing
music since the age of 8. All his music is infused with the funk of his adopted home,
New Orleans, and the voodoo that cast it's spell on him when he lived in Haiti.
Glenway has traveled to Havana to repair and tune pianos donated by Americans to the music schools of Cuba.



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Greg 'Mr B' Polanik | 508.833.6540 |