Environmentally Appropriate
Architecture, Planning and Consulting

Polanik Architects was founded in response to the need for an Architecture, Planning and Consulting firm specializing in environmentally appropriate design.
At the core of our philosophy is the belief that we must inhabit the land in a way that is less wasteful of resources, less destructive to the environment and less harmful to people. We must be more respectful of human dignity and traditional community patterns. Our definition of environment includes not only the earth, air and water, and the indigenous plant and animal communities. It also includes our buildings, neighborhoods, towns, urban fabric and even our cultural history.

Because of this belief, we strive to make all our buildings as energy and resource efficient as possible, and to specify the least toxic and most environmentally benign materials available. By stressing the use of local materials and labor, we support the development of the community. The adaptive reuse of historic structures is particularly appropriate, since it recycles the embodied energy and materials of the buildings, reduces the need to deplete additional resources, and preserves the culture and history of the city.

Within this philosophical framework, Polanik Architects is dedicated to serving its clients. We do this by conscientiously studying the client's needs and desires, the constraints of the site, and the environmental factors affecting the project. We respond by crafting a building and a site plan which simultaneously resolve these often conflicting issues. In the process, we strive to transcend the problems and create a building of lasting value, which is a delight for its users.

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