Firm Profile 

Polanik Architects was founded in September 1995. Since that time we have worked on a wide range of projects, including commercial, residential and historic, each done in as environmentally sensitive a manner as appropriate for the project. By stressing client satisfaction, quality work and timely production, we have been able to build a loyal clientele, and have acquired many projects through client and contractor referrals.

In order to best serve our clients, our firm is designed to adapt itself to the specific needs of each project. This flexibility is achieved by acting as the leader in a team of draftsmen, engineers and consultants specifically assembled to match the size and needs of each commission. Computerized drafting and office management allow us to efficiently coordinate these diverse disciplines in order to produce creative designs and quality construction documents. To this leadership role, the principal of the firm, Gregory J. Polanik, brings over 31 years of diverse professional experience.

Polanik Architects is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council, Northeast Sustainable Energy Association, Cape & Island Renewable Energy Collaborative and Applied Energy Solutions, LLC.

Services Polanik Architects can provide include:

Environmental Consulting
Site Analysis
Building Code Review
Site Planning
Preliminary Design
Working Drawings
Construction Administration

Services we can provide through our consultants include:

Structural Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Plumbing Engineering
Civil Engineering
Energy Consulting
Building Commissioning
On-Site Energy Production
Landscape Architecture
Food Service Consulting
Acoustical Design
Digital Imaging

6 Pine Cone Dr.
East Sandwich, Mass
32 Everett St.

Southbridge, Mass  01550